I found the  Babakieuria video very interesting because it put Caucasian people in the shoes of being a minority. I am not white, but I have grown up in the same culture and know that I am in the minority. I think a video like this could open a lot of eyes for those of who, who are not in the minority to see what it would look like. 

Chapter 3 

Something I found in chapter 3 that was really interesting is that empathy is the ability to know what its like to walk in another persons shoes. I learned we cannot be empathic about this since we are only tied to our own cultures. We cant be empathic without walking in someone else’s shoes. 

Chapter 4

Something that surprised me in chapter four is the four uses of cultural concept. Generic, distinctive, evaluative, and cognitive. 

Intro-CH 1&2

Hello my name is Giovanny Vazquez, I am currently in my senior year here at UVU. I am a Speech Communication major and I am also part of the soccer team. My parents were both born in Mexico, my dad moved here when he was 17 and my mom made her way with her family when she was only 9 years old. 

Chapter one and two discusses diversity, I think I have an understanding of diversity coming from Mexican heritage and then growing up in the U.S, I also feel I have an understanding because I have met so many different people from different places around the world through soccer, and  then also to be in such an LDS prominent area. Chapter one brings up ethnocentrism, if you have never been around different cultures or talked to someone of different culture, all you would know is norms from your own perspective, so if someone does something very different you could find this as weird. 

Reading through these chapters brings up a lot of thoughts about your own life, you begin to look at it in a different light. And at least for me, it makes realize how fortunate we in the U.S are.